Feb 2, 2019


Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) M4 Skin Applier  - Ume

Hair: bonbon - aussie hair [unrig] GIFT

Clothes: *f*Ke_SweetMaid from fuayu main shop

Mar 30, 2012


Hair:Rosy Mood hair Mysostis (free)
Blouse:SHIKI oriental Aloha (G. gift)
Skirt:*fid snow skirt (past hunt)
Boots:Shabby chic Red Moccasins (twisted hunt)
Bag:Tee*fy my ugly scary cat bag (g.gift)

Hair:kik hair Monica II (coffee)
Dress:SHIKI women dress sept 09 group gift
Sandals: ATHOR STORE CHANTAL  (gift)

Hair: HS hair THOL 2 Halloween pumpkin (shop closed)
Dress: :SHIKI Winter Twilight (g. gift)
Boots:Lethe Black & white Kitten Outfit, Accessories, Boots (past hunt)

Mar 27, 2012


Hair:mikan_LB OKAPPA (LB)
Skin:BCC[Light] Bara Skin Freckles LB
Blouse:BCC Jenny Blouse Pink LB
Skirt:pesca 2012 spring skirt (g. gift)
Shoes:C'est Moi! Exclusive group gift

Mar 25, 2012

Depraved Spring Madness 2 hunt

Hat:Loordes of London -Glastonbury Chapka- pink for woman (DSM hunt)
Top: Riddle Geekgasm Pakman (blue) (past hunt)
Pants : V&M Lady Buggers Baggy Shorts (DSM hunt)
Sneakers:LiNe NW chucks Simpson (old item)

Hat:BoHo HoBo Bazil hat (Sub. gift)
Jacket:C'est la vie border knit cardigan (past hunt)
Pants:bastnut DSM gift (unisex) pants Tight verson
Shoes:Stella Mesh box (g.gift) here
Bag:Tee*fy my ugly scary cat bag (g.gift)

Hat:[croire]derby sunhat (sub gift)
Hair:mikan_LB OKAPPA (LB)
Skin:BCC Light Stra LB
Eyeballs:Birth Store Hypnotic Eyes (DSM hunt)
Dress:JANE grace dress ( sub gift) news for 3.1.12
under top:JANE intrinsic tanks (sub gift)
Pants:V&MSpring shower Baggy Shorts (DSM hunt)
Shoes:Duh Mary Janes Sea Green (SGB gift)
Bag:+9 picnic basket (G.git) (check group notes)

Mar 18, 2012

Room clothes


Hair:HS Hair AOHA Fat pack (shop closed)
Tee:ITP (in the pink) WCF Freebies Buns Tee
Shorts:Ninia Gifts
Shoes:[IHS] sneaker peaches and green (free)
Skin:Mother Goose's Barbara (LB)pe


Hair: mikan LB hair honey bunny (past LB)
Tee+Shorts: Ninia Gifts
Shoes:pesca linen+wood sandal lace blue (past gift)now 85L
Bunny:+9 past G. gift (join group and check notes)
Skin:Mother Goose's Trudy III (tan) (LB)

Mar 15, 2012

c.A Chocolate atelier

Hair:kik hair- Shinobu (5 colors pack) not free
Skin: Mother Goose's Barbara (new LB)
Hat:Drowsy gift no. 19 Kruotsubaki eret_greenwood
Vest:[BedlaM] womenstuff hunt gift
Skirt:c.A Tutle skirt Pink Leopard (G. LB)
Boots:Lethe Black & white Kitten Outfit, Accessories, Boots (LPW #2 hunt gift) get 3 boxes 
Book:Drowsy gift no. 11 BP antique books


Hair:LeLutka RUSH Hair Fatpack (sub. gift)
Skin:Mother Goose's Barbara (new LB)
Outfit: Lethe Black & white Kitten Outfit, Accessories, Boots (LPW #2 hunt gift) get 3 boxes